Scent Detection

Challenges, Seminars,

Matches and Presentations


Introduction to Canine Bed Bug Detection:

December 9th 1:30-4:30pm

$300 + gst

6 working spots. Unlimited auditing spots $50+gst

Come teach your dog to alert on bed bugs. We will be practicing odour recognition on bed bugs.

Introduction to Narcotics

December 22nd 1:30-4:30pm

$300 +gst

6 working spots. Unlimited auditing spots $50+gst

Learn to alert on various narcotics. ( No real narcotics used. Only pseudo narcotics)


Nosework Seminars: TBA 

Watch our students at:

Beginners - Your dog will love nosework, using our fun, highly motivational method that’s proven successful for all types, ages and abilities of dogs up to international competition. No previous experience required. We’ll introduce target odor to your dog in the scent detection lab. You’ll learn systematic, independent precise searches, where to go and what to do when they get there. This course will prepare you for a pre-trial, odor recognition test, DOT, and novice container searches.


Advanced – for teams already on odor

  • Build motivation and drive

  • Train a rock-solid indication

  • Troubleshoot your team’s area of weakness, or

  • Get out of containers, into interior and exterior searches

Target odor= cocktail of Wintergreen+ Birch + Anise + Clove 

Dogs learn at their own pace, and challenges will be introduced after the dog is proficient at the current level

To sign up, please email:



Scent Presentations

Date: TBA

Scentscapes & Scent Theory 101, presentation (no dogs) - $50.00


Learn about the fascinating world of scent detection. You'll learn all about scent dog science.

This nosework presentation is suitable for handlers at all levels who want to learn more about the science of scent detection. Topics include:

What is Scent detection?

How scent works

See how scent travels according to the wind and environment.

Canine olfaction and muscle memory

How dogs learn and how best to teach them

Train, trust and verify your scent dog for statistical reliability.


Presenter: Dr. Carla Simon (


UKC Nosework Match

Date: TBA

$30 Each - Maximum 10 dogs per run

Morning (8 am – noon)

Beginners Each team will search: 1 Novice pretrial (1 hide, 3 minutes) plus 1 novice container search (1 hide, 3 minutes)

All hides will be cocktail of Wintergreen+ Birch + Anise + Clove

Informal UKC rules, see

Afternoon (1pm – 5 pm)

Experienced teams. Each team will search: K9 ABC Games Double Odor

This search will include 6 hides in an 8 minute continuous search with containers + interior + vehicles (anything with wheels) + exterior. 

NOTE: All hides will be cocktail of Wintergreen+ Birch + Anise + Clove

Besides scent used, we’ll loosely follow informal K9 ABC Games rules. See

9827 Horton Road SW

Calgary, Alberta

*Directly Behind Cal-Alta Auto Glass*