Engagement For Dogsports

In Engagement for Dogsports, we’ll transform naughty dogs into nice partners. Whether you’re interested in scent detection, rally obedience, tricks, or other dogsports, it’s difficult to succeed when your dog is more interested in checking out distractions than working with you. This course will give you the tools you to succeed in dogsports by building engagement with your dog first.  

Do you want to do more with your dog, but are struggling with his unpredictable behavior?

  • Are you frustrated with a dog who behaves well at home, but seems to forget everything when you’re out in distracting environments?

  • Are you embarrassed when your dog barks at other dogs and lunges on the leash?

  • Is your dog more interested in zooming around than coming back to you when you take off his leash?

We’ll show you how to build a solid foundation for dogsports with laser focus, a stronger bond, and better success in whatever dogsports you choose. By playing fun, easy, fast games you’ll build a more rewarding relationship with your dog. You’ll learn how to be more fun, so your dog eagerly looks for ways he can work to please you instead of sniffing the ground. And you’ll develop the skills you need to confidently take your dog new places.

You’ll learn:

  1. Engagement – transform your dog so he eagerly looks for what he can do next to please you

  2. Focus – your dog will pay more attention to you even when you do and say nothing

  3. Be more rewarding – create reward events and use food play instead of just being a pez dispenser. Everyone will want to be your dog.

  4. Impulse control –Expect more from your dog than saying leave it. Train him to ignore food on the floor as a default behavior, and look to you for permission to take food

  5. Exciting, fun boundary games – your dog will want to stay at a table or crate when distractions run or fly by. You’ll learn to balance drive for work with calm and confident

  6. Introduce new environments with a plan to set your dog up for success, including acclimation and dealing with environmental distractions

Once your foundation is in place, you’ll be amazed at how your dog follows you, looking for the next chance to work with you. Except to relax, succeed more and have more fun in dogsports with your new  and improved focus. 


$235.00 + gst for a six-week cycle


Level 1 Start Dates 

Sunday, October 6th @ 4:45pm



Level 2 Start Dates


What is Level 2? 
Whatever dogsport you play, engagement is what you need before, during and after specific cues. This course builds upon skills from Engagement 1, incorporating more powerful games: finding reinforcement zone, motivational retrieve, backing up, race to reward, and double leash game. 


You’ll learn

• How to build engagement so your dog wants to work/play with you, even when cookies disappear.

• Crate Games – Relax when not working, switching back to drive on cue.

• Your dog will learn to work in arousal, so you both get what you want.

• Extend intense focus.

• Boost impulse control around tantalizing distractions.

Sometimes the best rewards are the hardest distractions. Don’t be afraid of failure. You’ll convert distractions to bridges, signifying that the reward is coming.

Please note we always play safe, so dog-dog interaction is never allowed. Don’t forget lots of high value food rewards and 2-5 high value toys.



This class is taught by Carla Simon - Read more about her here! 


Focus, Fun & Games Class





$35 + GST Per Dog / Per Class  - Max 6 Spots Per Class

When Does It Start?

Sunday, August 11th @ 3:30pm

Please check the Calendar to confirm days and times.


Pre Registration & pre payment is a requirement for each session

If you're looking to expand your dog's working drive and learn some exciting training games, this is the class for you! Join us to learn new ways to develop your team relationship with your dog and get them focused on you through play. From crate games to ringside play, we'll learn a repertoire of activities to get your dog working with you! This is different than the Engagement for Dogsports class that is offered. During this class your dog will learn to settle and you will create an off switch while still enabling focus & fun! 


This class is taught by Carla Simon - read more about her here!


Prerequisite: Your dog must have completed Engagement for Dog Sports, Puppy, Bachelor, Masters Program or a CGN class prior to enrolling in this class. (Please contact us about equivalent classes). 



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