Work Anywhere - Play Anywhere

Are you sure your dog will succeed in competition or at work? Would you like to rely on your dog in busy places, but not sure if she’ll behave like she does at home?

Many dogsports teams fail due to environmental distractions, rather than the specific skills that are being tested. Sometimes you’ll get lucky. But eventually you’ll run across loud trucks, small echoing bathrooms, dogs playing with squeaky toys, or strangers running by with umbrellas. 

We’ll help you to prepare for common distractions and prevent failure. You’ll learn how to use rewards to change how your dog feels about distractions using systematic desensitization, counter conditioning, and habituation. Then you’ll practice your skills on field trips to busy public areas like parks and stores. Then you’re better prepared to work anywhere and play anywhere.

  • Please bring lots of high value food rewards and/or 2-3 high value toys.

  • This course assumes you’ve taught some basic skills at home, which will give your dog something to do on field trips e.g. sit, hand touch, heel, settle, engagement.

  • While we never allow dog-dog interaction, this course is not suitable for dogs that:

    • Are aggressive towards dogs or people

    • Are extremely reactive or phobic about cars, children or dogs, which will surely be present in busy public areas.

Start Date

$235 + GST for a six-week cycle


9827 Horton Road SW

Calgary, Alberta

*Directly Behind Cal-Alta Auto Glass*