Puppy Kindergarten

$235.00 + gst for a six-week cycle

February 19th @6:30pm

March 1st @ 6:45pm

March 4th @2:00pm 

March 10 @12:15pm                                          

For puppies aged 8 weeks to 20 weeks. (Over 20 weeks see our Bachelor Class - Level 1 Basic Obedience - Click Here)

Our fun-filled 6-week puppy class features off-leash socialization time and provides a strong  foundation in basic training.

Class meets for 1 hour, once a week.

This course is designed to set your puppy up with a basic foundation in learning &
training and prevent future problems such as fearfulness, aggression and destructive behaviour. This class alternates between off leash socializing and basic obedience skills for you and your puppy. Puppy Kindergarten is designed around teaching you how to teach your puppy and set both of you up for a lifetime of success! 

Obedience Cues

Attention (Offered and Name)
Leave It (In Hand & Ground)

Wait At Doorways


Collar Grabs

Recall (Beginner & Distractions)


Loose Leash Walking

Wait For Food Bowl

Stay (Beginner & Distance)

Targeting Techniques

Stop Jumping Up/Meet & Greet Manners

Go To Your Bed

Drop It


Tricks Included

Shake Paw


Roll Over


Accepting Handling And Restraint
Grooming - Allows owner handling and brief exam (ears, feet and mouth)
Discussions on jumping, digging, mouthing(biting), fear stages and much more! 

Important Information

Group classes are not appropriate for dogs with reactivity/aggression issues or other severe behaviour problems. If you have concerns regarding your dog's behaviour please contact us before registering for a class.

**Classes are non refundable and non transferable. Payment is required at time of registration**

No Make Up Classes and No Pro-Rating Of Fee's For Missed Classes


You are encouraged to come out and watch a class before registering in a program.

Puppy Socialization

Runs On Most Saturday Mornings - Only $10.00!

Small Puppies at 10am

Large Puppies at 11am

Upcoming Dates

February 10th, 17th, 24th

March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

Kayenna Kennels takes a different approach to a Puppy Socialization Program. Where other programs are a free-for-all playtime, Kayenna Kennels wants you and your puppy to get more out of your time with us.


At Kayenna Kennels, we want to provide somewhere where you can introduce your puppy to new people, other puppies, different surfaces and sounds all while having them build a connection with the most important person in their life… YOU!


With “free-for-all” style puppy playtimes, we’ve noticed two outcomes:

  1. A puppy gets bullied or overwhelmed and develops fear toward other dogs

  2. Puppies have so much fun and become so dog focused you can never get them to listen to you when other dogs are present. These puppies see other dogs and bark, cry, scream and are at the end of their leash trying to get to other dogs to play!


Neither of these outcomes are good for you or your dog!


At Kayenna Kennels Puppy Social, your puppies will be off leash and allowed to visit, but also taught to pay attention to YOU with other puppies present. Puppies will be taught the cue “go play” as a release to go see their friends, but will also be taught to give you their attention when you ask for it. There will also be different surfaces and objects for you to encourage your puppy to interact with. Puppies will also be taught to happily accept handling and being “caught” as well introducing them to strange sounds. Puppy social is also the perfect place to start teaching dogs not to jump up!


Puppy Socialization is a great addition to our Puppy Kindergarten program, and we DO NOT recommend puppy social as a replacement for training! This program is to aid you in socializing your puppy in a way that is productive and FUN!

Enrolling Into Puppy Socialization
Although this class is a drop-in service, where a minimum amount of days is not required, enrolments are essential for each attendance as there are limited spaces available. Maximum 8 puppies per age group. No exceptions!

Which Group Should I Put My Puppy Into?

Typically we recommend puppies under 20lbs be in the "small" group, and dogs over 20lbs be in the "large" group. However, this is not set in stone! If you have a shy larger puppy, they can come to the small group and if you have a very confident little puppy they can go in the large group! The most important thing is having puppies that feel comfortable with each other.

Children Attending Puppy Socialization

At Kayenna Kennels we welcome children into the socialization area and encourage them to participate, however they should be accompanied by another adult (over 18 years of age) dedicated to their supervision. It is impossible to supervise both children and a puppy at puppy play group.


We are committed to child safety around dogs and will instruct your children on how to safely interact with dogs. However, there are important safety considerations that must be adhered to for the benefit of your children and the puppies attending.


Please understand that we cannot make exceptions to the above.


Puppies must be 7-20 weeks of age. Proof that your puppy is up-to-date with vaccinations (minimum 1st round of vaccinations plus 7 days to allow shots to take effect) must be provided before the first class session with dogs in order to participate. Kennel Cough vaccine is encouraged but not required. Puppy should not be attending dog parks while 
participating in puppy socialization at Kayenna Kennels Inc. for the safety of all the puppies. 

Private Basic Manners & Puppy Training 


Not sure what type of training program would be best for your puppy/dog? Check out our personalized one-on-one programs below. Sometimes a group class just doesn't fit your schedule... and for that, we have Private Training as an option!



Puppy/Dog Consultation

Price: $150.00 + gst


During this one and a half hour visit, your trainer will demonstrate to your skills and techniques for socializing and handling your puppy/dog. There will plenty of opportunity to have any questions you may have answered. One of the main focuses in this consultation is helping you determine a clear plan for training and helping you understand your dog. Before this consultation, you will be asked to write down any questions and things that you find will be important for your consultation. Also, we will ask you to discuss with your family, what your families “dream dog” does and how it behaves.





In-Home Training Packages


Brush Up Session

After Consultation is complete you can opt to purchase individual 1-hour sessions as Bush Up Sessions.

Price: $160.00 + gst



Practical Puppy/Dog

After Consultation is complete you can opt to purchase these sessions.

Two Private Training Sessions (2 hours total)

Puppy Package (Housetraining, Nipping, Crate Training and more)

Follow up e-mail & phone support

Price: $300.00 + gst

Puppy Polishing

After Consultation is complete you can opt to purchase these sessions.

Three Private Training Sessions (3 hours total)

Puppy Package (Housetraining, Nipping, Crate Training and more)

Follow up e-mail & phone support

Price: $435.00 + gst



Polite Puppy/Dog

After Consultation is complete you can opt to purchase these sessions.

Five Private Training Sessions (5 hours total)

Puppy Package (Housetraining, Nipping, Crate Training and more)

Follow up e-mail & phone support

Price: $720 + gst (10% Savings)



Puppy/Dog Professor

After Consultation is complete you can opt to purchase these sessions.

Seven Private Training Sessions (7 hours total)

Puppy Package (Housetraining, Nipping, Crate Training and more) 

Follow up e-mail & phone support
Price: $950.00+ gst (15% Savings)





Behavioral Training


Private Lesson Programs are personally tailored to fit the needs, goals, and lifestyle of each owner.

Our Private Instruction Programs are specifically designed for the family that wants to be personally and directly involved in the success of their dog's training.  Choose the location - your home or an outdoor location.


  • Aggression to other dogs

  • Lunging and barking on walks

  • Separation anxiety

  • Excessive Barking

  • Destruction of the house or yard

  • Fearful of strangers

  • Compulsive behaviors

  • Overexcitement

  • Lack of socialization

  • Won’t tolerate grooming/vet visits

  • Basic Obedience

  • Rally Obedience Fine Tuning

  • Misc. Training


Have questions regarding our private training session? Please email privatetraining@kayennakennels.ca for more information!


Consultation*..........................................$200.00 *Consultation is 90 Minutes*

1 Session**..................................................$180.00 
3 Sessions................................................$515 ($25 Savings)

5 Sessions................................................$ 835 ($65 Savings)
7 Sessions...............................................$1130 ($130 Savings)

**Note: Each Regular Session Is ONE Hour **

9827 Horton Road SW

Calgary, Alberta

*Directly Behind Cal-Alta Auto Glass*