Scent Hurdle Racing!

What Is Scent Hurdle?

Scent Hurdle racing is a fun, exciting sport involving 2 teams of 4 dogs racing head-to-head over 4 hurdles to retrieve a dumbbell which they select via scent discrimination. Scent Hurdle racing is very popular in the Calgary area with tournaments characterized by a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. As a bonus, titles are CKC recognizable! 

In this class, your dogs will learn the basics of the sport including retrieving a dumbbell, scent discrimination, jumping a line of hurdles, and working with dogs in another lane. This class is suitable for dogs of any breed over 8 months of age with basic obedience skills and no reactivity. Price of the class includes 2 wooden dumbbells. Contact us if you already have Scent Hurdle-specific dumbbells. Ultra lightweight dumbbells are available for very small dogs (e.g. Mini Dachshunds, Papillons, Italian Greyhounds) -please ask about this in advance.

Scent Hurdle Beginner Drop-In:

Sunday, December 15th @ 6:15pm


Scent Hurdle Practice:

Saturday, December 14th @ 7:00pm

Sunday, December 22nd @ 6:15pm

Important Information

Group classes are not appropriate for dogs with reactivity/aggression issues or other severe behaviour problems. If you have concerns regarding your dog's behaviour please contact us before registering for a class.

**Classes are non refundable and non transferable. Payment is required at time of registration**

No Make Up Classes and No Pro-Rating Of Fee's For Missed Classes


You are encouraged to come out and watch a class before registering in a program.

If you are interested in joining a club once you have completed the class you can contact the Calgary Longshots at

9827 Horton Road SW

Calgary, Alberta

*Directly Behind Cal-Alta Auto Glass*