2019 Seminars & Workshops

Kayenna Kennels Inc. has a variety of seminars & workshops that are held at our facility throughout the year. Check back regularly so that you don't miss out! 

Warm up and Cool down

This special workshop will review how to properly "warm up and cool down" your dog.   It will cover exercises, and routines to prevent injury, strength build, condition and as a bonus it helps build focus for your ability dog.  These great exercises can be incorporated into your weekly routine with your dog; as well as, before and after training sessions.

DATE:  AUGUST 28th at 6pm

Terrific Teeters

Terrrrific Teeters With A Bang! 
This exciting new workshop will have your dog rocking the teeter in no time with confidence, speed and control!! 
Many dogs suffer with the teeter blues and don’t love it as much as they can - we will show you and your dog how much fun the teeter can be in no time at all! 

Offering 2 workshop dates: 

$80 = GST per Team

STAY TUNED :  EXCITING FALL WORKSHOPS are in the works.  More information coming soon

  • Teeter - back by popular demand

  • Master/Excellent WEAVE challenges

  • Beginner Distance (Gamble/PAD)


  • Reactive Dog Agility

9827 Horton Road SW

Calgary, Alberta

*Directly Behind Cal-Alta Auto Glass*